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Today's commercial entities and industrial plants are increasing productivity on a daily basis, and likewise are creating more waste and sludge. Stillwater Septic Service, Sewer & Drain Cleaner, Inc. is proficient at pumping and removing your sludge in a safe, efficient, and compliant manner. We utilize the latest in sludge pumping technology to ensure that your pipes are cleaned thoroughly and 

For the average outlet, the bottom of the sludge should not exceed 6 inches from the base. If this is the case, or the upper layer is greater than twelve inches of the outlet, it is recommended that you contact a professional immediately. Failure to pump your sludge in a timely manner could  result in further complications in your system, and costlier solutions to any problems that may arise. It is recommended that you keep acurrate records of the levels in your system whenever it is checked in order to be able to effectively montinor patterrns and potential concerns in your system.

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The Harmful Effects of Sludge Build-up

Over time, sludge can cause harmful effects to your system if gone unchecked. when sludge sits over periods of time, it allows oil, debris, scum, chemicals, and other matter to build and develop, which has a negative effect on your system's ability to function and perform. Your septic tank allows the solid waste and material to separate from the waste liquids, so that the clear liquid can make its way to the drain field. As the sludge continues to build up, it becomes more saturated and leaves less room for the waste water to filter out prior to passing on to the drain field.  

Even if you are not currently observing symptoms, your sludge should b never be allowed to fill more than 30% of the spetic tank's volume. Any levels exceeding 30% could result in a break down of your system's ability to function.     

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