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Stillwater Septic Services is your #1 source for hydro jetting and water cleaning services, so look no further! To get started, fill out the form above or call 800-894-2798 today.



The Hydro Jetting procedure utilizes a high pressure hose which shoots a strong stream of water through a jet nozzle which pressurizes the water. As a result, a powerful stream of water effectively blasts away mineral deposits and build-up, and removes any obstructions contained within the drain. Hydro water jet cleaning from manhole to manhole pulls grease out of the lines, and will help prevent the manhole from backing up as well as preventing backup in apartment buildings. This process is also highly effective in removing heavy mineral deposits, greasy build up, hair, follicles, and a verity of other drain obstructions. The high PSI of the Hydro-Jet allows our technicians to fully remove any obstacles in your line. Prior to commencing this process, our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your system to ensure that no unforeseen circumstances await our heavy machinery.

At Stillwater Septic Service, Sewer & Drain Cleaner, Inc. we utilize state of the art equipment to clear your lines through our specialized hydro-jet process. When traditional methods won't get the job done, our truck-mounted hydro jet system is sure to clear up the toughest clog or obstruction, no matter how big the job is. Contact us today to learn more about our hydro jet system and our representative will customize our services to meet the needs of your home or business

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4 Reasons to use our Hydro Jet Cleaning: 

  1. A powerful blast of water flushes your system out, rather than just unclog.

  2. Pipes that are hard to reach can be cleaned out with ease.

  3. It offers longer lasting results and less follow-up.

  4. Minimize future maintenence problems caused by long-term build up.

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