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Our Culture

Since 1996, Stillwater Septic Service, Sewer & Drain Cleaner, Inc. has provided a range of reliable employment opportunities in the state of Maryland and surrounding areas. We offer long term career opportunities which include steady work, competitive salaries, and a professional work environment. If you are hard working, enjoy being challenged, and are looking to join a team with a proven track record of success, we would love to hear from you.

Stillwater Septic Service, Sewer & Drain Cleaner, Inc. accredits our success, in part, to our ability to maintain a strong culture of hard work, integrity, and always putting our customers first. Included in this philosophy are two types of customers: the first  is the external customers who purchase our products and services on a daily basis, 

and have come to rely on our company to provide them with stellar service on every contact.  The second type of customer we owe our success to is our internal customers: the employees. We operate on a belief that our employees are the backbone of our organization, and help us to maintain our place in the marketplace. As such, we strive to provide an experience to our employees that is positive yet challenging; pleasant yet focused; and demanding while being equally rewarding. We provide an environment that encourages our employees to offer their insights on how to enhance the customer experience on every contact, and we welcome ideas on how to make our company better and more competitive. By giving our employees a voice, we are able to keep our fingers on the pulse of our employees and attract individuals who are looking for a career that is sustainable over the long term. Our number one company asset is our employee base, and we strive to continue our investment into our remarkable team.

More Than a Job

At Stillwater Septic Service, Sewer & Drain Cleaner, Inc. we believe in providing our employees skills and opportunities that offer long term sustainability. The ideal candidate is an individual who is looking to make a career choice by joining our team, and we take pride in our continued investment into our workforce. We constantly offer ongoing training and development to ensure that our technicians and specialists are highly competent and familiar with the latest concepts and technologies available in the industry, and this ensures that our employees offer a quality experience to each customer we come in contact with. More importantly, our ongoing commitment to developing our workforce allows us to have a strong, healthy pool of candidates to choose from when the time comes to offer promotions and advancement opportunities. We strive to promote from within, and this not only makes our team stronger but it also allows us to continue to instill our company's core values into each Stillwater Septic Service employee. Contact us today to learn more about how to join the Stillwater Septic Service family.

Company Benefits

Classic Title


  • Competitive pay

  • Flexible schedules

  • Weekly pay

  • Fast-paced environment

  • Advancement opportunities

  • On the job training

What Our Employees Say 

John, Human Resources

Since working at Stillwater Septic Services I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people who constantly strive towards the same goal. For anybody who is willing to work hard and make contributions to their future, I would say that you can't find a better company to work at. I can honestly say that I look forward to coming to work every day, and I haven't met a challenge yet that we couldn't overcome!

Christina, Dispatcher

I have been on the Stillwater Septic Services team since 2009 and we have gone through a lot of growth since I started. I like how my supervisors always look for fair ways to resolve concerns, and I have never been made to feel like my opinion did'nt matter. MY husband is very happt that I work here because I come home everyt day with a smile on my face. IT has truely been a pleasurable experience so far, and it doenst feel like 8 years already.

Franklin, Septic Technician 

My experience with Stillwater Septic Services has been amazing. I have finally found a company to shape my career. For anybody who is willing to work hard and make contributions to their future, I would say that you can't find a better company to work at. A wise man once said that if you find a job you love you'll never work another day. My job feels more like an accomplishment than a job!

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